The Borsalino Gentlemen’s Club

The idea was simple, to virtually gather few men from different corners of the world who appreciated hats and chat about something that was a common thread between them all – style.  A carefree conversation that not only discussed appreciation for hats, but also about style in general.  
The group had a chance to  preview the new Fall / Winter 2021/22 Collection from Borsalino.  A collection inspired heavily by the Arts & Crafts design movement with its well-defined symbols and stylistic features, it also contemplates a personal inner retrospective and need to  reconnect with nature, while giving added value to authenticity and savoir-faire through a homage to past recollections and memories.  Creative Curator Giacomo Santucci shared his thoughts and ideas about the new collection, and how Borsalino was able to mix it’s traditional heritage with today’s global environment in order to create a product which reaches like minded men of style regardless to where they strutted their cool.
Added bonus there was a preview from Jeremiah Fraites (@jeremiahfraites) upcoming solo album Piano Piano.
in attendance was:

Jeremiah Fraits (Artists, Co-Founder of The Lumineers) @JeremiahFraites  @TheLumineers Turino, Italy

Fred Castleberry (Designer) @FeCastleberry New York, United States

Joseph Webb (Multidisciplinary Artist, MC, TAp Dancer, Educator) @JWebbmedia New York, United States

Sunflowerman (Painter, Illustrator) @Sunflowerman Texas, United States

Nami Nguyen (Creative Director, Visual Director Masons) @nvmimvn Melbourne, Australia

Reggie Ansah (Editor in Chief Luxure Magazine) @reggierefined London, United Kingdom (happened to be in Ghana Africa for the the call)

Godfrey Deeny (Fashion Editor, Fashion Network) @Godfreydeeny Paris, France

Ontario Armstrong (Visual Director, No Chaser Magazine) @OntarioArmstrong Philadelphia, United States

Domenico Gianfrate (Founder of Gianfrate Showroom) @DomenicoGianfrate Turino, Italy

Host:  Guerre (New York)

Video Edited By: @nicolamuro

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