Mr. Noble Chaser ‘The Promise’

As much as I enjoy NY, I certainly am happy to escape it for sunnier days, fresher air, and the more laid back vibe of Miami. …especially when London will be home for the next 2 months. 

My ticket was already purchased for the direct flight from Laguardia to Heathrow but when I was called upon by Sheikh Al Maktoum Of Dubai for a last minute appointment in Miami I couldn’t say no…especially when he was sending his private jet and had promised to have me in London in time for my mid day appointment.   I packed my overnight bag, prepared for the 45 minute drive and headed to the private hanger located somewhere tucked away a short distance from the Newark Airport property.  Once I arrived it was a matter of picking my spirit of choice and which playlist I wanted to serenade me during the flight – I selected a glass of Louis XIII cognac and decided on a 70’s playlist (click here).  Marvin Gaye began singing, I brought the glass up to satisfy both my visual and olfactory senses, I closed my eyes to heighten the pleasure on my palate…. take off time.

I arrived in MIami a little after midnight, once off the plane I found the chauffeured car waiting to take me directly to Sheikh Al Maktoum’s favorite restaurant where we dined.  
– My friend, that watch you’re wearing is amazing.  I know it’s a Patek Philppe, but I haven’t seen this one before.
– “Thank you my friend, it’s a limited edition celebrating their 175th anniversary Model 5975J-001,   I saw you eyeing it earlier”  he said smiling as he unfastened it to allow me a closer look. 
I looked at it and handed it back. 
“Put it on, let’s see how it looks on you!”
I slid off my Reverso and placed his watch on my wrist.  
“It looks good on you” he said “It’s yours!  Enjoy it as long as you don’t mind knowing there are 399 more in circulation”.  “However, do me this one one favour, the next time someone compliments you on anything, give it to them.”
I looked at the Sheikh and smiled, “I don’t mind at all and yes, I promise.”
Let’s begin the fitting Noble, we have a flight to get you back on shortly. 

London 11am
It’s been a few months since I was in London so I decided to take a stroll prior to my noon appointment.  I remember as a youth dreaming about croissants in Paris, teas in London, espressos in Milan, and to be able to actually be in different time zones and experience multiple cultures within 24 hours still humbles me. While my career choice is demanding, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything. After stopping at Maze Grill on Royal Hospital Road for an early lunch I headed back to my flat. 
– “Sir your suit is amazing.  My wife and I admired it from afar and I simply had to tell you”
I looked and saw a couple sitting together as I walked past them.  I smiled and without hesitating I asked the older gentleman to stand.
“You’re about my size and the blue brings out the color of your eyes”. “Let’s see how it looks on you”.
He smiled as he tried it on, “makes me look 10 years younger!”
Kind SIr, today you are 10 years younger”.  “Take my calling card and come to my office anytime this week. We’ll make minor alterations to this jacket, and we’ll also make a matching jacket for you and your wife free of charge”.”Now I have to run because it’s a bit chilly without a jacket but I look forward to seeing the two of you soon”. I ran off 
“what’s your name, chap?!?” he yelled
“Noble Chaser” I yelled as I scurried away, and looked at the time on my Patek smiling… glad he didn’t see my watch!

Illustrated By: Joseph Tate @jospheptate_official

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