Fortunately, as art does imitate life, or vice versa, the images of various crews can be found worldwide among gentlemen with eclectic style, poise and even a bit of mischief thrown in for good measure.  There is no secret initiation or clubhouse to which one must belong.  No, you simply find the coolest, stylish, and like-minded cats that you know and that are crew. We invite you to check out the crews that we have encountered the world over.  And remember, cool has no borders.

excerpt from the intro by Kendall Kendrick

San Francisco: Carlos Roberto, Charles Flewellen, Alan Maramag, Michael Wayne Turner III
Photographer: Byron & Jonathan Williamson

New York: Elias Marte, Reggie Baudin, Derek Chan, Stephon Carson, Peter Xu. 
Photographer: Guerre 

Osaka: Hideki Naoki Ishibashi, Kohei Ogasawara, Isao Kato, Hiromichi Tsubokawa, Hideki Yasui
Photographer: Kengo Watanabe

Florence: Alessandro Pagliacci, Sergio Guardi, Sebastian Guardi
Photographer: Francesco Romeo

Melbourne: Nami Nguyen, Maleik Njoroge Muito
Photographer: Carlos Josue

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