Abhi & Father. Shot by Mohan Singh

In the world of photography, a stark distinction exists between those who merely capture great images and those gifted few who possess an unparalleled ability to peer beyond the lens, documenting not just the physical form but the very soul of their subjects. In a previous issue of No Chaser, we had the distinct honor of showcasing the remarkable work of London-based photographer extraordinaire, Mohan Singh. In this latest installment, Issue 4, Singh ventured into uncharted territory, where the lens met the extraordinary father-and-son duo of Manoj and Abhishek Bhatt.

Mohan Singh’s lens, like a sorcerer’s wand, gracefully and expertly conjures the essence of this remarkable pair. However, it is the compelling narrative shared by Abhishek that truly unlocks the door to his family’s riveting journey. We are delighted to provide a sneak peek into the heartwarming and inspiring story featured within the pages of Issue 4 of No Chaser Magazine. It’s an article that reminds us of the potent blend of personal style and indomitable perseverance that shapes lives into unforgettable narratives.
Excerpt from issue 4:
“…Finally my father, Dr Manoj Bhatt. The man who has had direct influence in the way I dress. Much like my great grandparents and grandparents, my father could not stick to the narrative of holding back from achieving his dreams. My father has been a touring musician, a fashion designer, a famous interior designer, an engineer, a rally driver, built his own car, started his own cork production business, started a fashion magazine and so much more.
But this was all before I was born. You could say the natural longing to genuinely help people and communities has been passed down from my grandparents. After studying theology, my father dedicated 30 years of his life to help and develop the lives of thousands of people through motivational speaking, faith and self belief. Going to
church so often meant we had to “show up for God”, dress to the nines at all times. You could say this is where my inspiration for style started.”Abhi”

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