Checkmate:Video By: Nicola Muro/ Photography By: Massimiliano Cervone

What is Passion?

Passion, dear Guerre, has been reduced to relate only to a term that was too abused.  I read about snake oil salesmen saying they are inspired by passion; I hear people celebrating themselves all day long, saying they are inspired by passion. I think that in the world just a few have actual passion and that it is not, like the supreme physical beauty, a reason to brag or to show off.  I am convinced, in fact, that, just like extreme physical beauty, passion is also gifted by God only to few and not to everyone, in function and in relation to the heart that God himself has decided for that same someone. I for one do not know whether or not I possess this passion. Certainly, if passion is that impetuous feeling, that pleasure that sometimes cannot be tamed by reason, that motion of strong attraction towards something, maybe God has given me some passion as well. If then passion is that kind of irregular movement of the blood, well, then I can certainly say I am “passionate” and I can tell you that passion makes me do everything not to get by, but to actually live; and that the more passion I feel, the better is my “poetry”. But, I must also tell you something else: do not ask everyone what passion is. And never ask those who pose as passionate, but never feel anything because they CAN’T UNDERSTAND PASSION, SINCE THEY HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED IT. They will only tell you lies!

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