Ten C Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Ten c is designed by Alessandro Pungetti and part of FGF Group, held by Enzo Fusco. Named after the Danish Fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Ten c forces one to look beyond the fads and trends and towards the value of well crafted clothing.

While made exclusively in Italy, Ten c pulls its influence from Japanese craftsmanship. Specially engineered Japanese textiles comprise the breadth of Ten c’s products, with special attention to OJJ — or Original Japanese Jersey.

On January 11th 2022 Guerre, Editor in Chief at No Chaser had a chance to speak with Alessandro Pungetti and see the collection up close and in person. “It’s certainly not your average coat. Ten C truly focuses on superior quality, amazing craftsmanship, and does it while mastering the artistic side; ultimately creating a unique and memorable collection”

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