Trae EI Fuego (Bring The Heat)

To our summer souls, Daniele Flores, our Contributing Editor & Copy Editor at No Chaser Magazine, once again has in store a sartorial journey for you, in our flashback to issue 3. Picture warm nights, the distant echo of street sounds, and the unmistakable silhouette of a shirt that’s been a constant companion in the tapestry of Spanish Harlem – the Guayabera. Join us as he unravels the threads of its history, from Cuban roots to its global resurgence. In issue 3, we explore the evolution, the rise, and the changing landscapes that have shaped this unassuming yet elegant garment. So, grab your copy and dive into the timeless allure of the Guayabera – a shirt with stories woven into its very fabric.

Illustrated By: Rodrigo Saldana @rodrigosaldana

Written By: Dan Flores @an_uptown_dandy

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