Todd Snyder X Ettinger: A Conversation With Todd Snyder & Robert Ettinger

In the dynamic realm of fashion collaborations, Todd Snyder’s affinity for iconic partnerships has once again manifested in a remarkable fusion with the esteemed London-based leather craftsmanship of Ettinger. This latest venture, aptly named the Todd Snyder x Ettinger Camouflage Collection, is a testament to Snyder’s penchant for pushing boundaries. Known for his distinctive approach to design, Snyder has seamlessly woven his signature camouflage print into the luxurious tapestry of Ettinger’s renowned leather goods. The collaboration is a harmonious marriage of American innovation and English craftsmanship, resulting in a collection that conceals opulence in plain sight. Ettinger’s legacy as one of England’s premier luxury leather goods makers adds an unmistakable air of sophistication to Snyder’s avant-garde vision. This partnership not only underscores Todd Snyder’s commitment to redefining contemporary fashion but also pays homage to the heritage of Ettinger, creating a collection that transcends borders and captures the essence of transatlantic style. With each piece embodying the meticulous craftsmanship of Ettinger and the bold creativity of Todd Snyder, this collaboration stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural synergy in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

Deputy Editor Kenneth Kenrick recently engaged in a compelling dialogue with both Todd Snyder and Robert Ettinger, delving into the intricacies of their collaborative venture. This exclusive conversation, featured prominently in Issue 5 of No Chaser Magazine, provides readers with an insightful glimpse into the minds of these two visionaries. For a sneak peek into the discourse surrounding the Todd Snyder x Ettinger collaboration, we present a concise excerpt below. The complete and in-depth exchange awaits readers in the latest issue, now available for exploration. As Deputy Editor Kenrick navigates the nuances of this fusion between American fashion ingenuity and British leather craftsmanship, the revelations from Snyder and Ettinger shed light on the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that shaped this remarkable partnership. Grab your copy of Issue 5 to embark on a journey through the creative minds behind this exceptional collaboration.
K.K.Todd, What made you decide to collaborate with Ettinger?

I’ve always liked traveling.  So when I started my brand it was about mixing in a little bit of NY, London and other places.  The past 5 years we’ve really taken off.  Ettinger has always been a premier brand.  Authentic,  real and with a person behind it. Especially Robert being 2nd generation.

I like creating with high quality, Ettinger is beautifully made, there’s a craft behind everything they do, so it was a great way to do something new especially incorporating our signature camouflage visual.
When you sat with your team,  did the team think it was off brand or was there excitement?

We’ve always had color from the start.  We have a young team and they were excited about the project.
In collaborating, did you want to create something that would last a long time?

We wanted something that stood out.  It’s hard to find very well made leather goods.

To add T.S.  the collaboration. incorporates elements of traditional tailoring and Savile Row with american style. Which was easy to compliment with our easy leather goods.
To do these pieces in camouflage felt like a natural progression especially since we already did color.

Read the entire conversation in Issue 5 (Refocusing On Cool)

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