Men’s Fashion Week: F/W24

The seasoned voyagers of the No Chaser team embarked on yet another transatlantic odyssey to Italy, immersing ourselves in the sartorial spectacle that is Men’s Fashion Week. Amidst the grandeur of Italian craftsmanship, we found ourselves enchanted by the evocative presentations of revered names such as Lardini and Brunello Cucinelli, and were captivated by the runway prowess of Zegna, the Italian titan, and the visionary Todd Snyder, unveiling his latest masterpiece for Woolrich (Black Label).

A prevailing theme emerged, casting aside the conventional notion of the suit as a snug second skin. This season heralded a paradigm shift toward volume, albeit laced with a discerning tailored touch. The narrative unfolded through exquisite silhouettes that seamlessly married comfort, relaxation, and casual elegance—a philosophy we’ve ardently championed since the inception of No Chaser (we call it Nonchalant Elegance). It felt like a homecoming of sorts, a sentiment perennially nestled within our fashion ethos, irrespective of the industry’s ever-evolving tapestry.

Join us in relishing a curated glimpse into the Milanese (& Florentine) runway shows, where the pulse of the season resonated with a harmonious blend of sophistication and ease.

Stone Island F/W24
Emporio Armani F/W24
K-Way F/W24
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