The Snyder name in Dutch means “tailor” (cutter).  When I launched my brand thirteen years ago, I set out to design luxe versions of iconic pieces in a man’s wardrobe.  I’d often start. with a vintage silhouette from Savile Row, Old Hollywood or field clothing and then think about how to reinvent it, mix it, make it relevant and finish it in an understated yet luxurious material – a cashmere regatta tuxedo, a CPO. jacket in. kid suede or a French workman’s jacket in Italian cashmere.  Todd Snyder.

On January 13, 2024, Woolrich, the quintessential American Outdoor brand, unveiled its inaugural Black Label Collection, a collaborative masterpiece envisioned by the maestro of menswear design, Todd Snyder. This sartorial affair sought to intricately interlace the brand’s storied American heritage with the contemporary allure synonymous with Todd Snyder’s aesthetic prowess.

At the heart of the Collection lies a seamless fusion of heritage and technical ingenuity. Todd Snyder, with his deft sartorial touch, breathed life into each piece, encapsulating the essence and legacy of both brands while crafting a distinctive and unparalleled identity.

In a fortunate turn of events, some members of the No Chaser team were in attendance at both the Runway Show in Florence and the Presentation in Milan. With great delight, we extend the pleasure of sharing with you a curated selection of our most cherished and memorable looks from this extraordinary collection.

Photos By: John Michael @johnmichael_nyc

Video via: Todd Snyder

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