On Monday, June 10th,2024 Team No Chaser descended upon Florence, the city of the Renaissance for Pitti Uomo (one of the most important menswear tradeshows in the world).  We take the opportunity of the international stage to announce the launch of our Summer issue.

To celebrate Issue 6, featured brand SuperDuper hats hosted an exclusive soirée at Manifattura Tabacchi on Via Delle Cascine, 35. The event offered guests a first look at their latest collection and a unique opportunity to watch the SuperDuper team craft their hats with unparalleled passion and style.  Attendees had an opportunity to see why we chose to feature SuperDuper Hats, a brand that embodies the spirit of creating your own lane and doing it with style.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended. As we unveil Issue 6, we eagerly anticipate sharing some of its captivating content with you.  

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