Sileno Cheloni: Master Perfumer.

There are seven notes in the world from which the greatest
musical works are created, do you find a connection between

For me there is one important word “Origine”, in Italian it is 7
important and different letters.
O – Oud
R – Rosa (rose)
I – incenso (incense)
G – gelsomino (jasmine)
I – Iris
N – neroli
E – elemi
These are the seven notes that the perfumer works with, as well as the composer creates music from seven notes. 7 letters,
7 notes of music, 7 notes of perfume…. It’s a Magic!

To feel the perfume a gift from birth or is it a skill that can be
What a good and interesting question. You know, in the case of
perfume, you don’t need a gift from birth, to make perfume is
creative and each of us is creative. Designers make clothes, not
because they’re a gift from birth, but because they’re creative.
Creating a perfume, it is important to understand your lifestyle,
your character and to make perfumes for yourself, give freedom
in this creativity and for this you don’t need a gift.
Anyone can do it!

Could you share with us the most interesting story when you were
making a fragrance?

The most interesting story of my career is my first meeting with
to aroma 20 years ago. It was an unforgettable feeling when I not
only discovered the fragrance, but also realized at that moment
my mission. I began to discover for myself, to experiment. I
realized that I couldn’t live without a fragrance, and a fragrance
couldn’t exist without me. You think I was doing something
special, but I was just doing my own thing.

A sneak peek at behind the doors of Master Perfumer, Sileno Cheloni in Florence Italy.  Read the full story in Issue 6.

Q&A by Mila Ushakova

Photography by Alessandro Michelazzi

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