“On Saturdays in South Beach Miami, the sands are flooded with locals and tourists alike relaxing in the sun. But off to the side, you’ll find two orange posts that serve as an oasis of entertainment for a small community of athletes and friends. Most of them moved from Brazil, or have lineage from there, and now reside in Miami.  With 2022 being a World Cup year, a lot of attention will once again be given to the world’s most popular sport, but whether it’s a World Cup year or not, this tight knit group enjoy their own version of the sport in every season, combining football and volleyball; also known as Footvolley. Through the sport, they have found a sense of home in their camaraderie in each other and their love for competition and football. The most inspiring aspect of each person is their dedication to their professions as fitness trainers, real estate agents, and entrepreneurs, all while loving life each day, taking care of their health, and playing their favorite sport. This mentality is contagious and is something to learn from.”
Text and photos by Kirk Chambers@kirkrobert

Cinematography by Josiah Christopher Sampson

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