Project Pitti Uomo: A Journey To Inspire

I was once told that if I wanted to change the world, I was in the wrong industry—that fashion wasn’t the way to do it. I took a deep breath and confidently replied that this is why I’m not in the fashion business; I’m in the style business.

Style, as we see it, is about how we navigate the world and what we share with it. So when Gary Leon of The Co-Op Project (an established non profit organization) approached me about a potential collaboration, it was an easy decision. Reflecting on my own early days in Florence, Italy, without local contacts or guidance, I often wished I had someone to assist me. Although my journey turned out well, I’ve always believed it could have been even better with the right support. I promised myself that if I ever had the chance to inspire and help others, I would seize it.

This season, No Chaser Magazine partnered with The Co-Op Project to create an extraordinary experience for two aspiring fashion students. Our goal was to immerse them in various facets of the menswear industry, from trade shows and shops to museums and presentations. We aimed to connect them with established brands and industry professionals eager to share their knowledge.

The students had the privilege of visiting MANTO, an understated luxury brand from Italy; IKIJI, a Japanese brand renowned for its beautiful lines and cultural aesthetics; and Paolo Scafora, a Neapolitan shoemaker considered one of the best in the business.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the brands that made this transformative journey possible:

Their support has not only enriched the lives of these students but has also played a vital role in fostering the next generation of fashion talent. We are eager to continue these meaningful collaborations and welcome new partners who share our vision. Together, we can create more opportunities that inspire and elevate the industry.

Open Letter to Sponsors:

Good day,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the remarkable journey of Project Pitti Uomo: A Journey to Inspire, which you played a crucial role in making possible. Your support was instrumental, and we are immensely grateful.

We will be sharing a story on on June 4th, followed shortly by the video. I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the project’s progress and highlight the importance of your contribution.

Daiquan Robinson and Kazu Okamoto (our talented fashion students- referred to as talent) embarked on their journey by meeting Gary Leon of the non profit organization, The Co-Op Project at LaGuardia Airport in New York on June 10th. They arrived in Rome and took a train to Florence, where I met them. We attended the Scarosso x Brooks Brothers presentation and dinner, discussing their aspirations and how they hoped this experience could shape their futures.

On June 12th, the talent had an enriching session with Alberto Scaccioni, General Secretary of Cento di Firenze (the company that owns the Pitti Immagine fashion trade. fairs) and CEO of Ente Moda Italiana. Mr. Scaccioni generously shared his insights into the Italian fashion industry and the prestigious Pitti Uomo’s role in nurturing fashion talent and supporting designers and brands. HIs 40 minutes set the tone for what was ahead with Pitti and was an insightful introduction to high end fashion.

The talent spent the day shadowing No Chaser Magazine, exploring numerous international brands. Highlights included IKIJI (Japan), MANTO (Italy), Gabriele Pasini (Italy), Paolo Scafora (Italy), and Jacques Soliviere (France). These brands warmly welcomed our talent, showcasing their collections and answering questions about construction, production, and market strategies. They also attended the guest designer show by Marine Serre.

On June 13th, they visited the Ferragamo museum and chose to explore Florence and the SuperDuper Hats Atelier, gaining insight into the creative process. The talent participated in a panel discussion where Brunello Cucinelli was. the guest speaker and had the honor of meeting him. In the afternoon, they attended SESSION (three), hosted by No Chaser Magazine, Style by Sarai, and a host of shops and brands in Tuscany, Italy.  Here they had the opportunity to meet brands, shop owners and style curators.

June 14th was dedicated to visiting as many brands as possible at Pitti Uomo. We then traveled to Milan for the exclusive Brunello Cucinelli presentation. 

On June 15th, the students attended presentations by Todd Snyder, Ten C, and A-Cold-Wall, concluding their trip with a visit to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibit.

None of this would have been possible without your generous support. Whether you contributed to the trip or helped with SESSION (three), your involvement was invaluable.

In the coming days, we will organize a Zoom or Instagram Live session with the talent to share their reflections. I will keep you informed and provide more details about the entire project. We are excited to share the video content and images with you soon.

Thank you once again for your support. Your contribution has made a significant impact, inspiring the next generation of fashion talent.

Warm regards,

GuerreFounder & Editor in Chief

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