Places & Spaces: Ginosa, Italy

By K.E. Guerre

Simple, fresh and wholesome isn’t that the best definition of luxury?

Over the years clothing brand G. Inglese has left an impression on me, well crafted impeccable shirts and (shirtlike unlined) blazers that embody Italian craftsmanship at its best.  On one of my last trips to Italy I decided to take Angelo Inglese (owner and creative director of the brand) up on his invite to Ginosa, Italy to see firsthand where and how the product was made.  The town of Ginosa, in the province of Taranto, Apulia, is surrounded by sea and ravines, plains and hills, vineyards and olive groves: a wonderful compendium of everything you can find in the typical scenery of this region. A picturesque small town in which seemingly everyone gathers around the town square once the sun begins setting.

It was during my trip to Ginosa that the seed of romantic notion of clothing was planted.  Flashbacks came to me about moments that stood out between me and clothing purchases.  The items I cherished most all had stories that accompanied them – custom pieces were special because the events associated with them, watch and jewelry purchases were special because of the milestones that they marked for me.  Seeing Angelo’s mother sewing the finishes touches on shirts and knowing she had done this passionately for more than 40 years spoke volumes.  Walking down the narrow streets of quiet Ginosa, grabbing fruits from the local vendors and local olive oil which the region is acclaimed for, all these factors made me understand that the beauty of garments from this brand, this town were all connected to the fabric of the town.  Every time you wore a shirt from G. Inglese you were back in Ginosa.  

While everyone isn’t able to go to this destination off the hidden path, if you find yourself traveling to the south of Italy with time to explore and a desire to be transported to old Italy, Ginosa is a must and while there make sure to stay at Albergo Diffuso Il Casale (bed and breakfast) and pick something up from G. Inglese

Photos by Nicola Muro

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