Issue 3- Reverberated Heat


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In this issue, we travel around the world to present the concept of reverberating heat, that passion that propels innovation, exploration, and excellence in all aspects of life. Join us as we journey to Mexico City and Sao Paolo with Hector Mediavilla,  travel to Haiti with Jean Oscar Augustin, and bask in the warmth of Moroccan days with Ryan Neeven. In Milan, we discover Mafalda with Guerre and savor the flavor of Sabor Cubano in Florence. If you’re starting to feel the heat, cool off as we circle back to the US and talk Articles of Style with Dan Trepanier and indulge in Recreational Habits with Jackie & Marlon Muller. Then get your temperature rising with G. Bruce Boyer and his ruminations and recollections on the hottest of hot jazz. All that and more. Straight up. No Chaser. -DDF

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