Letter to the Editor.

Dear Guerre,

A story that really spoke to me and from Issue 5 was:  MY JOURNEY – Conversation with Markuann Smith 

Love this story! In reading Markuann’s Smith interview, I came across many parts that I can closely relate to. 

First, Film gave him the ability to shape and control the narrative. As a designer, certain films play a major role in my inspiration as well. Markuann’s passion for old gangster movies is something I also enjoy drawing from. I found it very interesting that one of his favorite movies is also my favorite – 1984 Once Upon a Time in America.  He shared that he always wanted to be the one of the starring characters named “Noodles”. Funny enough, Noodles was also my favorite character. In fact, I enjoyed the character so much that I named my first pit-bull after him when I was in high school. 

Secondly, it turns out that Markuann Smith and I both have godmothers that live in Lenox Terrace in Harlem. My wife and I still visit her there, especially during the holidays.

Two quotes from Markuann that also stuck with me are: 

1)    “I say enjoy life and experience different cultures. Don’t be subjected to only your block.” To not get too deep into my own backstory, this quote hit home because it exemplifies the “risk” [I put risk in quotes because others perceived it that way – not me] I took when leaving the familiar of my small hometown in Arkansas to come to NYC to pursue a passion that I have had since I was a child. I absolutely was moving against the grain of my family, friends, and community. 

Furthermore, I am now enjoying the opportunity to travel the world, meet different people and enjoy their culture. This moves me to tell stories and interpret them as movies when doing photoshoots for my brand.

2)     “I told myself you can chase your pension or chase your passion.” Again, I have endless stories around this same directive which has guided my path during the most difficult and uncertain times.

Altogether, I enjoyed reading about Markuann’s journey and finding similarities between our stories. I look forward to the next edition of No Chaser and discovering more editorial treasures. 



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