Product Spotlight: Drake’s Wool Raglan Coat

Followers of No Chaser will certainly be familiar with Drake’s of London, those purveyors of fine men’s clothing and accessories. Inevitably, over the course of a lifetime, the well-traveled gentleman will find himself returning to the classics in his wardrobe – the tried and true go-to staples that can be worn in a variety of settings. For myself, these are invariably Drake’s pieces – from my grey shetland wool crewneck sweater to my tan cashmere cardigan vest to my peccary leather gloves to my unlined and unstructured dark brown linen three-button single breasted jacket to my linen-wool blend unicorn print pocket square – well, perhaps the unicorn square isn’t exactly a staple of casualwear, but you get my point. In this new post-pandemic era of dressing down, one could do worse than utilizing the company’s offerings as the foundation for a business casual wardrobe.

With that in mind, consider the beautiful raglan coats being offered this season from Drake’s. Constructed from 100% wool, the coat features a shorter length and a more contemporary silhouette which, when coupled with its unstructured design, provides a versatile piece to pair with other elements of your wardrobe. A sturdy collar, buttoned sleeve straps and dense outer layer provide functional protection against the elements, while the split raglan shoulders, fly front, and rear vent offer uninhibited maneuverability. Offered in solid navy wool, various herringbone wools, donegal wool, a herringbone donegal wool, and a mouth-watering Prince of Wales check wool, to say there’s a fabric pattern for everyone is hopefully something of an understatement.

-Dan Flores, An Uptown Dandy

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